‘Corn Stash Clearout Giveaway!


To celebrate our new tumblr and our first anniversary, The Village Designs is doing a fandom unicorn sticker giveaway to help give our beloved ‘corns some loving homes. Let’s look at what you could win!

1. Korra Pack - Complete with Korracorn, Makocorn, Bolincorn, Asamicorn, Amoncorn, Tenzincorn, Lincorn, and General Irohcorn. Great for benders and non-benders alike.

2. Avatar Pack - Complete with Aangcorn, Kataracorn, Sokkacorn, Tophcorn, Zukocorn, Azulacorn, and Uncle Irohcorn. We won’t judge any shipping choices you go for. 

3. Avengers Assemble - Complete with Ironmancorn, Captain Americacorn, Thorcorn, Lokicorn, Hulkcorn, Black Widowcorn, Hawkeyecorn, Coulsoncorn, and Spidercorn just in case you want to re-enact super family sequences. 

4. DC Madness Corns - Complete with Batmancorn, Robincorn, Catwomancorn, Harleycorn, Poison Ivycorn, Riddlercorn, Wonderwomancorn, Supermancorn, and Flashcorn. And we’re not planning to reboot them anytime soon, either. 

5. Princesscorns - Complete with Arielcorn, Pocahontascorn, Cinderellacorn, Rapunzelcorn, Bellecorn, Snow Whitecorn, Jasminecorn, Tinkerbellecorn and Alicecorn. We would also like to remind you that these corns are gender-neutral and we don’t subscribe to the patriarchy. 

6. Wicked Potte Wholock - Complete with Sherlockcorn, Watsoncorn, Elphabacorn, Galindacorn, Snape and Dumblecorn and a sticker of a good friend of the corns, the Thyme Lord, because we really need to do more books/Sherlock/Dr. Who fandom corns and yet at the same time we try to please. 

7. A Galaxy Far Far Away - Complete with Lukecorn, Leia and Jabbacorn, Vadercorn, Han Solocorn, Chewycorn, and R2D2 and C3PO corns. Regrettably, we have yet to release them in 3D. 

HELLA SWEET BONUS: Younicorn - All seven winners will receive one shiny completely custom unicorn sticker of anything their little hearts desire. You can unicorn yourself, your best friend, your hot significant other, your hot fictional significant other, or any other character, original character, or person you’d like. 

All entrants also receive our love, and if we get bored, we might add more prizes. Who knows?!

Look at the corns in better quality here!

Rules (boo)

1. All you have to do is reblog (up to twice a day) until August September 23rd. Super easy, like us. We will list out the names and pick winners at random using a random number generator. Winners will then have 72 hours to respond to our message to their ask box and claim their prize before we re-roll. 

2. Only reblogs count! Likes are appreciated but as much as we’re flattered by your protectiveness, you can’t own us, man. 

3. Since all of our prizes are fandom centric and equally awesome, we will select a new winner at random for each prize. One entrant can win up to two prizes. If you aren’t interested in some of the prizes, please list the ones you DO want in your reblog (but come on, they’re all gorgeous.) A blank reblog will be interpreted as Interested in All. 

4. You do not have to be following us, but if you are you can keep track of awesome updates to the giveaway and who knows - if we see you’re a follower when you win we may be inclined to throw in an extra somethin’ something. (and come on, we’re gorgeous.)

Let the unicorn games begin!

EDIT: So apparently, tumblr now only shows one reblog per person even if they’ve reblogged fifty thousand times. Sad day. Feel free to reblog as much as you like, but only your first reblog counts. 

EDIT TWO: Extended to September 23rd! 

Last day! This ends Monday night.

Hey look

A giveaway with this few notes?

You’ve got such a good chance.

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