I made my friend Mercs take a picture of his avatar Sol and his daughter for me.  I’ve never really seen much of female Morgan’s expressions, she is so pretty.  It’s cute comparing her and my own Morgan—she’s got cute rosy cheeks.

spoiler she also made really cute fea personals with it that made me cry manly tears

little sunbeams

two fire emblem observations

1) i appear to be the jackass here who made an obnoxiously gimmicky superpowered team on the easiest mode possible and now i’m streetpassing a bunch of people who played on hard ahahaha i wonder if anyone has even bothered to try i’m so sorry world 

2) the vast majority of the female avatar population at Anime Boston seems to have married either chrom or gregor and then I found someone who married gangrel 

3) bonus observation if my artist alley tablemates have to hear me live dictate my streetpass battles any more I think they’re going to punch my lights out 

i should probably get off street pass